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KHJ Featured in K-Boy Paradise Vol 16

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KHJ Parent's Are Forced To Tell Media Their Side While Ms. Choi Keeps Saying Differently

The saga continues. The media airing of opposite sides are all over the net. It is sad that a simple family matter that could have been dealt privately between two families are now [for netizens, either haters or fans and the judgemental] open publicly to be criticised.

In the latest news, KHJ's parents have no other option but to go to the media as well to clear some misunderstanding that Ms. Choi claimed through Dispatch and through her lawyer. What I am saddened about is that parents are now involved in this mess and they were dragged not by their own choice but because of all the text messages that have been displayed for all to see. Private messages that should have been kept private.

I understand that parents like KHJ's must be feeling embarrassed not of how they were seem to be painted by Ms Choi but because they have to tell their feelings to the media as well. 

For all that is happening right now, this tale is never going to end unless they stop talking through media. I believe that it has to be Ms Choi who has to stop detailing everything for this problem to be solved.

As fans are there to support KHJ, they are truly a blessing in any idol/celebrity for sticking it out with [them] and for him through thick and thin. It is not a matter of being delusional but of being loyal. Who would have stayed if fans turned their backs on him at this very trying times? They have received so much from KHJ, that this simple task of staying by his side is just a simple matter of giving back to him the good things he shared with fans.

Fans are not dumb. Most are intelligent and if some believed otherwise, that is their opinion. While some accepted with open mind the events that has been divulged, their opinions are that of matured persons and how to deal with reality.

Personally, I do believe something is off even from the very start of this mess that happened last year. It seemed that KHJ loves this person to the point of not thinking he was ruined or that his association with her would cause further trouble. And this is what made me believe that somehow he is protecting her in his own way. Which of course is saddening.

Someone is clearly lying in this mess. And I do hope the truth will soon be out in the open and end this insanity that netizens by now are either "LMAO" or quickly judging form their own "POV"

Parent's Side

Ms Choi's Answer

Who to believe?

I will stay objective and of course I will stay a fan. I won't be like someone who write trash words and invite even more hates because this mess should be cleansed and hating won't help neither of the two parties.

As for KHJ...this is really difficult times, I hope that enlightenment will soon found your heart and that troubled minds will soon be soothe.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Keyeast released Official Statements Regarding Latest News Of KHJ and His Ex-Girlfriend

This fiasco is becoming more messy than ever! It is as if there's no end in this. While I am reading this news about KHJ's side I am somewhat being faced with a makjang drama or should I say the story has becoming satirical for readers via net to make fun of or criticize more and judge more?

Will I see the end of this screwed up relationship gone wild?

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Soon To Be a Father After Reconciling With Ex-girlfriend

Kim Hyun Joong Reconciles with Girlfriend, to Become a Father in September

For now I will reserve my opinion about this news. There's something definitely I had missed about the chaos last year that involves KHJ and his ex-girlfriend. Or there's something that has not been divulged clearly. The sad thing is, a career has almost been ruined but thankfully fans are great supporters through thick and thins.

I am going to wait for KHJ's statements regarding this issue of being reconciled to his ex-girlfriend and having a baby soon.

If you asked me if this is good news? Well, I have always felt that having a child born is a blessing already. If you asked me if this is true, am I happy? Love should be the key and if this makes both happy, I am happy for them.

I have been a fan of his works and will always be. Second chances at life are there for every one. But I really think something messed up last year that was not so clear for me as an outsider. 

A shocker! Yes this news certainly is!


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KHJ - GIF / Screen caps Still/Even Now

Got time to make some gifs.. and screen caps

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キム・ヒョンジュン - 今でも Kim Hyun Joong - STILL/Even Now Video

Kim Hyun Joong Vevo

Gemini Tour Update

Well, this is actually a personal blog for Kim Hyun Joong. I may not alway be able to update fast but I will try to post when time permits.

I have read and seen some fan accounts and fan cams taken and obviously, Gemini is doing great and really successful. Kim Hyun Joong has shared his moments with awaiting fans and the smiles he has can never measure the happiness his fans got seeing him perform and sing.

Last Encore Stage and Say Good bye at Gemini Sendai

150128 KHJ JP Gemini Tour @Ykohama Timing

from @murdererq who have always shared amazing captures.

@Sendai / @Sapporo

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