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Kim Hyun Joong's Heartfelt Letter to His Fans

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Kim Hyun Joong Wrote a Letter to his Fans at before he enlisted to military:
Hello. This is Kim HyunJoong.

I couldn’t get an opportunity to greet (you) comfortably, and in the end had to say farewell.
The truth is, I am very sorry during this period.
Because I am a public figure, I wasn’t able to pour out my heart but to keep it under my breath, I blame myself for not being considerate enough and mature while I spent these tough times.
That’s why I am very worried how to express entirely my apologies and regrets of farewell.
In my heart, for all of you fans…No
To all of you fans, I have two mixed feelings.
Sorriness, Thankfulness…

Many of you supported me mentally during times of confusion. On the parts where I couldn’t talk about, you have prejudged and constantly believe in me, which gave me confidence. How will I ever repay you…
Also, to those who are hurt and angry because of me, I don’t know how I can apologise, I feel like I am leaving with a whole lot of debt in my arms. 

Even though all the men born in this country has to serve military, now that it is my turn (to enter), deep in my heart I feel jittery. I thought I am always working hard and living so intensely… but actually the day prior (to enlistment), I felt that I am weak…
However, in the upcoming 2 years, I believe that this is an opportunity for me to reborn again.
As a man, as an entertainer, I will grow up and return as a responsible person of the society.
In the (past) one years’ time, I fully felt that…I have been living well and was protected with more caution and from a heart-warming position, by my family, friends, colleagues, people whom I’m thankful to, and fans…

After I finish my duties at the National Defense, I will return as a better person, if not the best, for all of you who believed in me more than I do. On the day when I return, I promise that I will smile and greet (you), with that I end my letter.

Kim HyunJoong

Friday, May 22, 2015

150522 - Kim Hyun Joong Photo - Inside Camp

An article about Kim Hyun Joong was shared via and it talks of KHJ having completed basic military training.

김현중, 훈련소 모습 전격 공개…담담한 표정

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[Updating Photos] KHJ With Some Friends Before Entering The Military Service

Glad to see Hyun Joong's friends supporting him and were there at the time of the enlistment. His Jacksal friends, his ARTMATIC dancers and GEMINI Band.

These are the people who knows him best. Either in his not good times and best times. They are the ones he dreamed together and succeeded in realizing those dreams, like the chicken restaurant Jacksal Restaurant with his two friends, the dancers he worked so hard day and night during rehearsals and during concerts and tours. These people knew him almost inside and out and still they are there beside him.


photos via

cr: Hong Lee Nok via

more photos via soompi thread / khj 
credit : @newyorkcitygirl

150512 KHJ Hand-Written Letter to Fans with Photos


Kim Hyun Joong Writes Hand-Written Letter to Fans with Photos

Kim Hyun Joong left a letter and this photo via his fan cafe for all his fans. Yesterday, 150512, Hyun Joong enlisted and will start his mandatory military duty.

kim hyun joong



 “Hello, this is Kim Hyun Joong. I have to say goodbye without even getting a chance to comfortably say hello.”

Moreover, he apologized for showing such bad sides of himself to his fans and the general public, and confessed his frustration in things he couldn’t say elsewhere. “I was very sorry. I had to stay quiet because I am a public figure and I can’t easily express my true feelings to anyone. The past days have been hard, blaming myself for not being able to be more mature and thoughtful,” said Kim Hyun Joong.

He especially spoke out to fans who have been with him since the days ofSS501. He wrote, “I don’t know how I should apologize. I just feel like I’m leaving with a load of debt on my shoulders.”

The star also did not forget to thank those fans who trusted in him until the day of his enlistment. “You guys helped me psychologically in those hectic times. You knew of things that I didn’t have a chance to tell, and made me have confidence, he explained.

Kim Hyun Joong went on to talk about his anticipation of being in service and his strong determination in it, and wrote, “All men go to the military, but now that it’s actually my turn to go, I do feel myself being weak. The next two years are going to be new chapters in my life. I will come back to society as a responsible man and public figure.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong enlisted for his mandatory military service on May 12 and is still undergoing legal settlements with his ex-girlfriend.


Kim Hyun Joong knows that his fans will always understand him and stand besides him. The connection is just amazing for all these years since SS501 days. One thing is consistent, he is not making excuses, he is acknowledging his mistakes and trust his fans just as the fans trust him. I like the words he wrote about fans who say what he could not say.

Will be waiting for your comeback!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Photos of Kim Hyun Joong 150512 - Enlistment Day

Finally more photos are being shared via twitter from media captures.

Updating...Media Photos of Kim Hyun Joong's Enlistment 150512

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Edited...adding some more


and more via twitter

PHOTOS - 150512 Enlistment Day! Fans Gathered To Wish KHJ Well...

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[photo via]

Hurray to the fans! Henecia...Jjang!

And so Henecia can not be stopped. Gathering at the entrance area pf the camp

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to wish Kim Hyun Joong well for the next two years inside the military doing his duty.

Media photos captured everything. The wish to go silently and quietly by Hyun Joong seems won't happen today. Henecia is as strong as ever!

mslee1107 is here wishing KHJ health while doing his military duties. Be well always and will wait for your return!

Photos below will show that fans, Henecia is not going anywhere. Photos show the LOVE the fans have for Kim Hyun Joong despite everything that happened and happening still in him. Fans are truly amazing!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Seriously! The Claims Never Stops.. What's Next?

Seriously! The Claims Never Stops.. What's Next?

Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex Claims She Miscarried Her First Pregnancy Due to Abuse, KHJ’s Side Responds

Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex Claims She Miscarried Her First Pregnancy Due to Abuse, KHJ’s Side Responds

source: soompi

mslee1107 writes a few thoughts.

I am trying to be neutral as possible with the whole story because let's face it, I am an outsider and what I knew of the incident involving KHJ and Ms. Choi came from the internet, accusation, claims, interviews, counter interviews and so on. But one thing is consistent. KHJ admitted to that ONE case of physical violence that happened between them while fighting. And for me, he may be saying the truth or she may be saying her own truth, but that is the only consistent scenario so far for KHJ.

I think looking from the outside, KHJ really made a mess of his life after meeting Ms. Choi. Whatever happened between them, it all came down to nothing. Whatever they started with, everything was dragged down and the only one carrying the repercussions is KHJ. 

Yes, she has her own sufferings but it's because it is her choice to continue to suffer.

Ms. Choi had a choice to punish him legally when she first sued him and not soften with only an apology she asked of him. But no, everything after that became much worse with her claims publicly although anonymously still, all private messages that should have stayed between them. He on the other hand remained silent letting her beat him more through the media. Some would say it was because he is guilty as charged. It may be true, who knows, but then one thing remains, he is not making up stories just to counter attack her stories. Now, no one can claim he is lying or making excuses or changing statements.

There is no winner between the two of them. Both are victims of their own doing. He was with her and chose to be with her quietly until this mess came around. She must have been so crazy in love with him to have stayed with him through all those bad days she claimed were true.

However, he has stayed quiet letting her say her piece. He is not issuing announcements regarding the cases she has filed against him. He is trying to deal with them with dignity, even if there is only a small amount of it left within him after all these ruckus. He has suffered all alone as people branded him  an abuser. 

She on her part continue to be vindictive. She claimed to be the victim. Maybe yes, she was. But she is not trying to get herself back from being a victim through the eyes of the people. She wants to stay a victim forever? She can't quite get used to being quiet, that's why she likes noises in the media. She sues him more. She sues the netizens. 

Now she claims she miscarriage her first child because of KHJ.

As a fan, I may be neutral, but I can also be logical. I can be understanding because I am not perfect. I can still support KHJ until he gets back from the military service because I know I will wait for his return. To see him again singing and dancing and making fans happy. My thoughts go out for KHJ. I am sure he is not the evil person she is trying to paint him. Fans should know. Particularly those fans who have been with him since SS501 days and those who had close encounters with him. I believe Ms. Choi is not his first girlfriend. If he is a bad person, somebody should have been in her place now before this happened to her. But no one is stepping up helping to smear more mud at him.

I think the more she made her life continue to be this way, the more she will suffer with the baby coming soon. Sometimes a woman must get a grip on herself, leave some decency for herself, to be able to live well. I hope she finds that in herself. That self respect that I think she has lost for sometime now. She was the one who made herself this way. She can only be the one to help her get back on track. 


Justice are for those who deserves it. 
Mistakes are there to learn from.
Being vindictive wont' make one's life easier. Triumph born out of vindictiveness will be sour, not sweet.


Friday, May 8, 2015

Keyeast on Military Enlistment of Kim Hyun Joong... Confirmed!

The announcement has been made. It's true and final. Kim Hyun Joong will enter into the army on the 12th of May 2015.

And I thought this day will be one of those days that will be like fan's day for Hyun Joong just like when a celebrity enlist. But with recent scandals from last year, Hyun Joong and fans are having a tough time dealing with those unfortunate events that happened.

For a while Hyun Joong will be out of the limelight and do his duty as a citizen inside the military. For those two years, hoping he will have a peaceful mind. For whatever bad choices, bad decisions, unfortunate events, may he rise above the situation. 

His wish is to enlist quietly so fans must give in to his wishes. 

Be well.


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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Update: New Articles on Kim Hyun Joong 150505

After a long silence, articles are shared today of Kim Hyun Joong.

Sorry but I don't know how to translate Hangul to English [I only rely on bing translator/google translation] so will share the links. But there are also new articles abut his enlistment that Hyun Joong are keeping to himself and thankfully, Keyeast, his agency is not divulging anything regarding the enlistment. Finally, keeping silent to protect Hyun Joomg's privacy by his agency is a form of respect to his wishes and I as a fan want what he wants.

There are also articles about his ex-girlfriend making noise once again after being away from the spotlight. Ah chincha! Her lawyer has given interviews and statements such as suing netizens that posted malicious and harming comments about her. She also filed a new lawsuit against Hyun Joong and suing him money for it.

Guess, Hyun Joong's silent enlistment will be disturbed by these new cases and the ex-girlfriend's noise via media.

Reading news about him these days are really sad. His career was ruined, basically on a stand still and he is keeping his silence on all these. But I think it is for his own good not to speak anymore and drag this. After all is said and done, at the end of the day, he "probably" is the father of the child and he "loved" the girl.



Articles on Kim Hyun Joong
source as posted

'입대설' 김현중, 10억 피소 어떻게 되나..변호사 "문제 無"
via bing translator
The article speaks of the 10 billion won civil lawsuit case against Kim Hyun Joong for psychological damage.

김현중, 5월 12일 입대 확정..연기 불가, 입소예정

This is about confirmed enlistment of Kim Hyun Joong on May 12th. According to the news, Hyun Joong will be completing his military service February 11, 2017. It also talks of his current situation with his ex-girlfriend, case and his child that will be due this September while he is inside the military service.

김현중 측 "입대 날짜 노코멘트, 조용히 가고 싶다"

The article is about Keyeast not saying anything to confirm Hyun Joong's enlistment, keeping silent as Hyun Joong wishes.

김현중 법률대리인 "前여친 친자여부 아직 가려지지 않았다"

This article is about the case filed by Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend and Hyun Joong's lawyer making preparations on how to respond to the case. They will also file counter case. After all this is a 10 billion won lawsuit and previously, they already settled from the first assault charge of the ex-girlfriend.