Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Another year will come to pass. Hoping bad memories will fade away. Another year to start again.

Here's to more of KIM HYUN JOONG in 2015!

For all the years that I have been blogging KHJ's activities, here's wishing more activities to post in this blog moving forward.

Have a great holiday with friends and families!


Early cheers from...


KHJ Mobile Update

Gorgeous smile ever.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rewind - Two Of My Favorite Performances Of KHJ Singing Ballad Songs

As a fan, I believe Kim Hyun Joong is at his best when he is singing a ballad song. It may not be his forte but watching him sing and convey the message of the song makes him a vulnerable man singing his heart out. Although he is most comfortable when singing pop and dancing to the beat, for me, nothing is more beautiful than seeing him giving his all when singing a ballad song.

A beautiful rendition of the song Love [by Jo Jang Hyuk]

credit goes to the owner of the video
TheAlienPrince via @YT

And this one is a song that really conveys the true emotion of a man in love.

credit goes to bosuhjvn via @YT