Wednesday, November 19, 2014

[Rewind] Kim Hyun Joong The Performer

Still remember this Breakdown performance that awed the fans. One of my favorites since this was his comeback as a solo artist breaking away from SS501 and proving himself the true singer that he is from critics who doubted his talent.

After Breakdown album, Kim Hyun Joong became a true solo artist. His repackaged image as a grown masculine man suited him more although I do miss his soft youthful  image that made thousands of hearts flutter.

These set of photos were only one of the performances captured, thanks to the owner as tagged on logo, how great his concerts and fan meetings are. He conquered the world with his sincere smiles and interaction with his fans. 

Now that he is on hiatus, I miss this kind of hectic activities from Kim Hyun Joong. But then he has been very active since 2011 after finishing his first lead role in Playful Kiss which was followed by his released of Breakdown album and series of promotions.

Sometimes, when you're at your very best, at the peak of your career, you least expect that there will be a moment when you will have time to reminisce, ponder and do self analysis. Unexpected events can happen and they do appear either good or bad but the best thing to do is confront them head on, silently but with maturity.

I think Kim Hyun Joong is now getting his deserved breaks from all his hard works and some mistakes that should not be seen as irrevocable. Everything is a test and one must pass it to be a better man. 

I hope, he is healthy, enjoying time with his family, receiving lots of love and in between, preparing for a big comeback that will surpass his performances up to date. Kim Hyun Joong the performer will always be here. Because he has been giving it all to his fans all over the world the love he is getting even at trying times.

Who else will be there for him but his true supporters who have known and followed him all through these years since SS501 days. For now, just like everybody, I will repost old photos or videos of him to watch until he finally stand on stage again with a smile and as well as respect for fans that never left him alone.