Sunday, August 31, 2014

KHJ World Tour Concert in Guangzhou

Life goes on for KHJ as he continues to do his commitments and activities lined up for his world tour 2014 Phantasm.

Guangzhou World Tour

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Manager Seo Posted on His FB Regarding KHJ

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[EN-TRANS] Manager Seo, posted to his F/B

"If there's someone who can understand mind without telling it, 
this person must be really precious. 

Perhaps, this person might understand better than himself(herself).

Since for a long time he's been together with..
if someone who has a chance to know him, 
she/he seems to have same mind.
Appreciate all you've done.~"

credit trans: @howlovelylala

"A person who knows the mind of another person even without a confession..a precious person to me.
Perhaps a person whom I know better than myself.
Because of the time we have spent through..
If it was a person who knows him even just a little
Feels like they will think the same way too,
Thank you for everything~"

source: KHJ's manager's FB
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source: Henecia Philippines FB

Thursday, August 28, 2014

KHJ ~Japan Official Mobile Update 140828

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KHJ To Push Back Enlistment Due to Commitments, KeyEast To Confirm

Kim Hyun Joong Reportedly Pushing Back Military Enlistment to Next Year, Agency Currently Looking into the Matter

News of KHJ enlistment has been released and it is scheduled for this October. However, due to his already committed activities lined up for his world tour this year, It seems that KHJ will be pushing back his Military Enlistment for next year.

This was reported via TV Report after confirming from a source but still, KHJ's agency, Keyeast has not confirmed this news as of now. The representatives form the agency are still trying to receive their own confirmation regarding this news.

Meanwhile KHJ's activities are not yet canceled so it seems that perhaps there is a possibility that this report is true. Henecians, please wait for further updates. 


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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

KHJ @ Suwannaphumi International Airport 140825

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More Photos From Bangkok Concert 2014 - The Artist Who is Kim Hyun Joong

Updating Kim Hyun Joong's activities. Last concert was in Bangkok just the other day. Photos shared via @twitter, credit as tagged

The Artist Through A Fan's Appreciation

There is reality, there is truth and there is lie.

Where do I go, what do I believe in times of this rumors spreading like wildfire across the net? Yes, I am a fan of Kim Hyun Joong since the last few months of SS501 together and until he became a solo artist up to this moment. It is a sad fact that this kind of rumor is being hurled at him. There were alleged evidences from Dispatch of the photos from the alleged [or fact]  girlfriend that she was abused and hurt physically, mentally and psychologically. This news is very heart wrenching and makes me ponder how something this awful could happen.

[photo as tagged]

As a fan, not only because of his good looks but because of his works and work ethics, I am waiting for his own explanation of the truth he has. He may not owe it to me as a fan, [he doesn't really] because I should not care about his personal private matters but I am hoping to be enlightened of what did happen and how true were all the accusations against him. 

I won't try to defend him as a fan. But I won't try to hurl hurtful words to him either. Maybe I know I don't have the right, I am only one of those standby at the sides, appreciating good music and good works from him. I am not a blind follower. I am a realist. 

An artist is an artist. What do I really know about their personal lives? I have been appreciating a lot of artists in my generation and I had read a lot of  "bad" publicity about their personal lives. 80's and 90's were the times I was so busy following some of the music legends in Hollywood and yes, most of them had lived a wild life. Still, I may not condone them, I may not agree, I may also dislike what their choices and habits, but it is not for me to judge. I am here because I believe in their works, in their art, in their music, in their films.

Let's face it, a lot in the entertainment industry have their own hidden character, sadly dark. 

For now, mslee will be awaiting explanations from Kim Hyun Joong himself. I do believe personally, that he can choose not to explain to us, his fans, but it will be appreciated. Maybe there is a large probability that he really did that violent act, disappointing as it is, but hopefully he did not, still this page will remain here. Because this page was created for the purpose of appreciating his artists side.

For the girl who was allegedly hurt, as a woman, I feel sad and hope that everything turns out fine at the end.  As for Kim Hyun Joong, I hope that you find strength at this time of your life. 

This is me, a fan appreciating the artist in Kim Hyun Joong.


Monday, August 25, 2014

KHJ - World Tour Bangkok Concert 140824

Continuing my update on Kim Hyun Joong's World Tour Concert 2014 [Phantasm]. Last night he held his Bangkok Concert.

The Venue


Hencia Philippines Facebook/Deanna Dsc

photos from

@lafone0606 / @MY_KHJ / @quoqo1213 / @coriibean / @murdererq / @SakuraDream501

Sunday, August 24, 2014

KeyEast On Kim Hyun Joong's Recent Rumors

In light of the malicious rumor spreading like wildfire through the internet about Kim Hyun Joong and accusation of a girl, KeyEast has stand behind their artist and announcing that 

 "it is not true that KHJ is in the habit of assaulting his girl friend for 2 months"

KHJ Lotte Duty Free 2014 September Calendar Wallpaper

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Official Japan Mobile Update 140818

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Kim Hyun Joong Featured on K-Boy Paradise Vol 14

Scans - K-Boy Paradise Vol.14

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